NTL 045 – Talk about the Talkies, Who’s running the Alberta Party, Why Honeycomb sucks now, and that Hollywood business.

This week on the National Talky League,

We talk about the Talkies!
Roger shares his parking lot story!
We try to find the perfect leader for the Alberta Party
We talk a little Oil and Gas
Dave hips us to the new Honeycomb, and why its terrible.
We get in to the Hollywood issue.

Stong Opinions, Loosely Held, and Widely Shared. This is the National Talky League.

NTL 044 – OVERTIME with Willem Klumpenhouwer

This week’s OVERTIME edition features Willem Klumpenhouwer, a doctoral candidate at the University of Calgary. Willem’s focus of study is on transportation and urban planning, and he’s a regular at city council meetings. Willem shares his insights on Calgary’s transportation future, and how it might affect you in the years to come.

Willem’s blog can be found at http://www.spuryyc.org/

NTL 043 – Weaponizing content, Arguing for veterans, and trouble in Hollywood

This week things are all topsy-turvey at the NTL.

Dave CLEARS HIS THROAT about how the American political divide seems to be coming home to roost in Alberta, how it’s hard to be in the middle these days, and how similar the far Left and Right really are.

We talk about veterans really want, and the “War on Christmas”.

Roger in WATCHA WATCHIN’ tells us about Kewvin Spacey’s woes, and talks about Netflix’s “The Babysitter”. Dave thinks you should watch Fringe.

NTL 042 – Cultural appropriation at Halloween and the new Future Leader of Alberta

The guys wonder why dressing as your favourite Disney character is politically incorrect whereas dressing as though you live below the poverty line is somehow permissable.

Dave doesn’t like horror movies, but it’s not what you think. Also… what’s your favourite horror¬†movie that nobody seems to know about?

And of course Roger & Dave share their thoughts on the new leader of the United Conservative Party.

NTL 041 – Post Election talk, Shark Jumping, and digit trauma.

This week on the podcast, the guys break down the Calgary election, from a number of angles. We go inside the the negotiations between the embodiment of the city and the Flames. The grappling story of a life saved and the furor that develops. Roger CLEARS HIS THROAT about whether racism was a factor in the election, and in WHATCHAWATCHING We talk Jagmeet Singh’s hair, and when do shows “Jump the Shark”.

The Daveyboy Smith story https://twitter.com/DBSmithjr/status/922280092310499328

(Not the one Dave saw, but still a good example of) Jagmeet Singh wrapping his Dumalla.

Dave’s thumb, 2 versions.

NTL 040 – Calgary Municipal Election

It’s Election Day in Calgary, and Roger and Dave walk you through the Wards and run down the election issues in their own unique style.

Still deciding who to vote for? Can’t really help you, unless you’re basing your vote on funny names. How close did NTL get to being correct? We’ll know soon enough.

NTL 039 – Calgary Election, Miley Cyrus, Syrup Art, and Song Lyrics.

This week on the National Talky League, Roger and Dave ponder the Calgary Municipal Election and the state of politics in general.

– LET ME CLEAR MY THROAT We discuss the racism claims and whether it’s cool for your boss to suggest for whom you vote.
– We talk about the Liberal government’s seemingly desperate need for your tax dollars.
– Fun with breakfast menus and syrup.
– Miley Cyrus gets more airtime on NTL than you might think.
– WATCHA WATCHING we talk about shows you like to rewatch
– Dave offers up the worst song lyrics imaginable.

(Dave’s ihop homeages)

NTL 038 – Guns, Young Politicians, 2 Littlest2Hobo

This week on the National Talky League, we’re under the shadow of a hard day of bad news with the Las Vegas shootings and the death of Tom Petty.
Roger and Dave struggle on and bring you insight and conversation in spite of it all.

Strong Opinions, Loosely Held, Widely Shared.

We talk
– Roger Clears His Throat about US Gun Control, and whether Canadians fundamentally feel different about guns or not.
– Jagmeet Singh and the “youngification” of Canadian politicians.
– Photo radar and it’s abuse in Calgary
– Dave recommends Big Mouth in Watcha Watching? and we discuss ending points for long running series.

NTL 037 – Is taking a knee as disrespectful as all the other stuff that happens when the anthem is playing? Canadian Patriotism, Amazon and Roger watches TV.

This week on the National Talky League:


Roger pontificates on #takeaknee, a new style of modern protest, and we discuss patriotism in Canada, what does it look like?
– More on the Flames response to the stadium debate.
– Should Calgary make Amazon welcome?
– Class struggle in the modern day.


Roger gives his take on the Wonder Woman movie and Elizabeth Moss’s performance in Handmaid’s Tale.

Dave talks about the new Kingsmen movie and the new Ninjago movie while dispensing great advice on how to movies should be critiqued.

NTL 035 – Nenshi’s Masterstroke in the Arena Dispute, How to Make Making Choices Easier, and the absolute final answer (or not) on the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate

This week on the National Talky League,

Roger still wants somebody who thinks the city should fork out money for the new arena to¬†explain why that’s good for the city. Also, is it dirty pool that the Flames are now meddling in the municipal election? How has the incumbent mayor handled the latest volley?

Dave offers a pro tip on making inconsequential choices quickly and easily.

We’re trying something new. In this episode, you’ll hear Senior league member Eric shares a question about Star Wars vs Star Trek. We’d like to include your recorded questions in future episodes of the NTL as well.