NTL007 – Trudeau’s crappy feminism, Incumbent mayors, Gordon Ramsay, Alan Alda, Kelly Kapowski, a Dead jockey

The politics ranting is right up front today. A question from facebook about bias in the media turns to Roger’s displeasure with Trudeau and what passes for feminism.

Dave wonders who, if anybody, can beat Nenshi due to his incumbent status.

Then we discuss, in no particular order:

  • Gordon Ramsay
  • Alan Alda
  • Kelly Kapowski
  • A Dead jockey

NTL 006 – Stadium funding, being offended, safe spaces, and uncomfortable operations.

We spare you the grisly details of Roger’s operation. Dave goes deep, peeling of a killer rant about the behaviour of the right that gives left-wing parties more appeal.

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NTL 005 – Foresight in politics, Grilled cheese sandwiches, and how vasectomy clinics should be run

This episode gets off to a rocky start as Roger fiddles with a new iPad app. After that, it’s smooth sailing as they guys discuss:

  • Their thoughts on the new Chappelle Netflix comedy specials.
  • Should friends treat friends to comedy shows from time-to-time?
  • Some Donald Trump stuff… well, mostly what other people say about him.
  • Little Black Dress-taurants.
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich products.
  • Men getting fixed.

NTL 002 – Dave Triggers Roger a few times

Roger confesses that he’s upped his bran intake, so that could explain some of the rants he peels off in this episode. Topics covered include:

  • The ‘Zipper Merge‘ is a gift from Mother Earth. Use it!
  • Nachos are a good idea on the menu, a bad idea on the table.
  • Bran.
  • Why O’Leary just might win the Conservative leadership.
  • The Minimum Wage
  • Mexican Restaurants
  • This Week’s Dead Celebrity: John Belushi

NTL 001 – February 27, 2017

Hello Party People! Thanks for being with us on this organic podcast mission. Our goal is that one day you’ll be able to say “I listened to that podcast long before it was good.”

In this episode we discuss:

  • Roger’s latest addiction
  • The Best Picture fiasco at the Oscars
  • Films of Argentina
  • New mattresses
  • Waterbeds
  • Commas
  • And 3 places in the world we’d each like to visit.

Thanks to Christian Ravary for this week’s topic suggestion. And thanks to all of you who listen for your support and enthusiasm.