NTL029 – The Rebel Media house is on fire, Canada is pleased to be the least worst at something, and how much would you pay for an NTL T-Shirt

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This week Roger Clears His Throat about the Conservative Party’s refusal to simply call out Rebel Media for its stance on Charlotteville.

Dave looks at starting a new series and what it takes to grab your attention in Watcha Watching.

The guys talk hot peppers and the Scoville Unit chart, and you’ll hear more on the Bolivian Rainbow Pepper than you ever cared to.

We also talk about the concept of a Top XX list, and why they’re annoying.

More list talk as we look at Canada’s #1 ranking on the “least worst” charts.

More Bond talk.

More Talky than you can shake a stick at, and you really shouldn’t be shaking that thing around, you could hurt someone!

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