NTL021 – Girls, Girls, Girls… they’re everywhere. And they can do all sorts of stuff boys can do including go to space, become G-G, and even play Dr. Who

Dave is back from the road and shares some tales of his journey.

Roger and Dave both take shots at various defenders of the fairer-sex. (Wait a sec… what makes them “fairer?” The very term is, by definition, sexist.)

Roger clears his throat after reading an article that he feels makes too much of Julie Payette’s sex as though it should be a determining factor in the appointment of a Governor General.

Dave notices a few people pre-raging on the announcement that the next Dr. Who would be a female.


Some references from this episode:

Kids in the Hall – Girl Drink Drunk

The UFC before groin shots were banned

Bartenders tell you why a Daiquiri is a true test of bartender skill

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