NTL 033 – Wasps, what are they good for? Will we ever meet the “smart racist?” A delicious chicken sandwich from a food truck.

In this episode of the National Talky League, we’re chock full to the brim of our licorice All Sorts with talky.

We talk about Innovation in Calgary, and Circle the Wagons.

A lengthy discussion of the hatred we have for wasps pops up. What are wasps good for, anyway?

Dave drools over the best chicken sandwich he’s had in ages.

Somebody wrote that sitting in a circle is disrespectful to aboriginal people.

Roger Clears His Throat about Jennifer Bush’s tirade at a Jagmeet Singh rally.

We answer listener questions and discuss the upcoming civic election.

And her (adorable) side of the story:

Dave talks bad Netflix films and (re)watching shows with spoilers.

and new Johanes!!!

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