NTL 024 – Pride asks cops to frock off, would you pay more for massaged meats, and the truth about onion rings

Beef of the National Talky League

We brought our pal Rob into the arena for the National Talky League this week. Rob is an improvisor at Loose Moose Theatre Company among other things.

Roger has an issue with Pride Calgary asking police to not wear uniforms if they’d like to participate in the parade. The guys kick around the notion that straight, middle-aged white dudes get criticized for having opinions about this stuff.

Dave opens the polls on the city’s best onion rings and Rob provides the contrast between the fantasy and the reality of the onion ring experience.

Roger tables the opinion that the success of Wonder Woman might be entirely due to the fact that it’s a great movie.

The guys discuss movies The Room,

The Disaster Artist,

and Birdemic.

… and meat.

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