NTL 022 – Posting about composting, the most disgusting beauty trend we’ve ever heard of, and how you should feel when the waiter recommends the hamburger.

Thank you, beleaguered friends, for tuning in once again to the National Talky league.

In episode 22, Dave discovers the stunning similarity between items you’d buy at the pet boutique and those you’d buy at the Love Boutique.

Dog toys that look like sex toys - National Talky League

Further proof that when you own a dog toy factory, you own a sex toy factory.
National Talky League

Dave also tees off on people complaining irrationally about the new green bins.

Roger isn’t happy with the way National Parks are operated, but does he have a point? Or is he coming off half-cocked?

Also, why seniors should not be building staircases in public places and why a hamburger recommendation is a sign of a bad restaurant.

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