NTL 020 – Dead horse at the Calgary Stampede, How long has “Fake News” been happening, How not to give a speech.

It’s the 20th episode of the National Talky League. Your support and your contributions have gotten us to this point. Like proper Canadians, we thank you profusely… possibly to an annoying degree. (Sorry about that.)

Dave was jacked to get “on the air” for the 20th episode. We struggled a little with the nomenclature surrounding podcast media. It’s not really on the air, but what is “the air” anyway? What’s the appropriate thing to say?

Roger clears his throat with a rant about how people respond to animal deaths at the Calgary Stampede. He’s growing tired of this rant because he seems to reprise it each year.

Some questions that arise in episode 20:

  • When did you start watching Saturday Night Live? What was your favourite cast?
  • When was the first time you remember noticing “fake news?”
  • Do you think Canadian political discourse is more civil than our American counterparts?


Loose Moose Theatre Company auction site.

Video of kids reacting to the Sony Walkman

James Veitch TED Talk about scam emails.


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