NTL 51 – The “Living” Wage, Naked Swimmers, and Dave’s Star Wars Review

The National Talky League is back for the 2018 season and the new year is starting with a bang!

Ontario’s minimum wage hike has both Dave and Roger fired up. Dave wants the online conversation to focus on the truth, not the emotions. Roger wants people to switch their focus to things that would actually make living easier in Canada.

Other Topics: The upcoming naked swimming event in Calgary and Dave’s unenthusiastic review of Star Wars.

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Merry Christmas from the NTL

Merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters of the National Talky League podcast.

We’ve enjoyed bringing you the podcast this year and are looking forward to doing more in 2018.

Cheers for all your Christmas greetings. We’ll see you soon!

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NTL 050 – Politics from the middle out, running the numbers, and Christmas tunes.

This week on the 50th (!!) edition of the National Talky League,

We talk

– we CLEAR OUR THROATS Questioning the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle
– Looking for facts, not emotional arguments
– The National Talky League summit and ensuing Christmas Trees
– Tipping and minimum wage
– in WHATCHA WATCHING? we talk Christmas songs, which do you love hate?

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NTL 049 – Skinny, Saskatoon Strippers, and Santa films.

It’s our pre-pre-Christmas episode, and Roger and Dave have much to discuss, from the inner workings of the podcast to beloved Christmas movies. And ….racism.

In this episode:

– Our first “Homegrown” Ad!
– Some examples of rejected ads!
– The worldwide reach of the National Talky League
– Which podcasts do the guys recommend?
– Skinny the polar bear
– Saskatoon Stripper Fundraiser
– Byelections

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NTL 048 – OVERTIME with Dave Lawrence

Switching things up this week, starting the game with Overtime! We talk to Canadian TV and film personality Dave Lawrence. Dave is one of the guiding forces behind FUBAR, FUBAR II and FUBAR: Age of Computer. We take a meandering wander through Dave’s journey as a producer, actor and director, and find out what lessons he’s learned through his journey.

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NTL 047 – Golden balls, compassionate cuts, and winter lights

This week on the National Talky League, the boys talk balls. Golden balls.

We talk

– The prisoner’s dilemma and game shows
– More Hollywood talk
– Roger CLEARS HIS THROAT on Compassionate Cuts.
– How to solve the Phoenix system problem
– Governmental apologies and opinions
– What makes you happy?
– Winter lights

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NTL 046 – AirBnB regulation, French-to-French translation, and our friend Dan the One Man Band

Sorry we’re late this week. Roger was in Ottawa on a business trip where he saw something that would make Dave go nuts.

Ward 1 alderwhatever Ward Sutherland is compelled by an anecdote to regulate AirBnB in our city. Roger has a problem with that. Dave not as much.

Dave wrapped up watching the second season of Stranger Things, was suitably underwhelmed. He also saw the Justice League movie; was suitably whelmed.

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