Holiday Greetings

Hey Beleaguered Talkies!

For our Christmas edition, we’re calling on you to record a season’s greeting, of your choice, and send it to us. We’ll take all of those greetings, Roger will use his editing magic to make them sound amazing, and you’ll have something to listen to while you recover from the madness of the holidays!

Here’s how to do it.

1) record your greeting. You can grab a free recording app for your phone or desktop. Not sure what to say? Check out the suggestions below.

2) If you’re feeling frisky, throw in a “bumper” (like Johannes, but you!) for the NTL (see below for suggestions, or make up your own)

3) email the file to mail@nationaltalkyleague.com

4) have an eggnog. Or not. Many people think eggnog is gross. Whiskey instead?

5) Enjoy your message on the NTL along with hundreds (wow! someone’s feeling optimistic!) of others.

Suggestions for messages

If you’re not confident in your announcer ability, or not sure what to say, follow one of these ideas! (sweet, just like madlibs!)

1) “Hi this is __________________, and I want to wish _____________________ a Happy holiday/Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah/etc.

2) ____________________ here, wanted to share my favorite Christmas memory______________________________________________.

3) Hey guys, this is ____________________ from _________________________ and I remember the best toy I got for Christmas when I was a kid. IT was a ______________________________ and I nearly shot my _______________ off.

4) Hey Talkies! __________________________ here, sharing the best of the season with you.

Some possible bumpers you can record to be on the NTL on the regular!

So it’s

“National Talky League:” (and then, choose one below or make up your own)

NTL: America’s Most Trusted Source For News

NTL: I’m Loving It

NTL: Podcasting into the future

NTL: Are you ready to get Rogered?

NTL: The best game you can name

NTL: Broadcasting to the home counties

NTL: So sexy it hurts

NTL: You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave

NTL: A hero will fall

NTL: Shocking the Monkey 24/7

NTL: We fell in to a burning ring of fire

NTL: All donairs, all the time

NTL: Good evening Tel Aviv, we’re listening

NTL: Worth every Penny

NTL: Always after your Lucky Charms

NTL 049 – Skinny, Saskatoon Strippers, and Santa films.

It’s our pre-pre-Christmas episode, and Roger and Dave have much to discuss, from the inner workings of the podcast to beloved Christmas movies. And ….racism.

In this episode:

– Our first “Homegrown” Ad!
– Some examples of rejected ads!
– The worldwide reach of the National Talky League
– Which podcasts do the guys recommend?
– Skinny the polar bear
– Saskatoon Stripper Fundraiser
– Byelections

-What IS a Christmas Movie

NTL 048 – OVERTIME with Dave Lawrence

Switching things up this week, starting the game with Overtime! We talk to Canadian TV and film personality Dave Lawrence. Dave is one of the guiding forces behind FUBAR, FUBAR II and FUBAR: Age of Computer. We take a meandering wander through Dave’s journey as a producer, actor and director, and find out what lessons he’s learned through his journey.

NTL 047 – Golden balls, compassionate cuts, and winter lights

This week on the National Talky League, the boys talk balls. Golden balls.

We talk

– The prisoner’s dilemma and game shows
– More Hollywood talk
– Roger CLEARS HIS THROAT on Compassionate Cuts.
– How to solve the Phoenix system problem
– Governmental apologies and opinions
– What makes you happy?
– Winter lights

NTL 046 – AirBnB regulation, French-to-French translation, and our friend Dan the One Man Band

Sorry we’re late this week. Roger was in Ottawa on a business trip where he saw something that would make Dave go nuts.

Ward 1 alderwhatever Ward Sutherland is compelled by an anecdote to regulate AirBnB in our city. Roger has a problem with that. Dave not as much.

Dave wrapped up watching the second season of Stranger Things, was suitably underwhelmed. He also saw the Justice League movie; was suitably whelmed.

Our special guest this week is Dan the One Man Band. He’s been performing in Calgary and at festivals across Western Canada and around the world for almost 30 years. He’s an interesting character and a voice for local arts.

NTL 045 – Talk about the Talkies, Who’s running the Alberta Party, Why Honeycomb sucks now, and that Hollywood business.

This week on the National Talky League,

We talk about the Talkies!
Roger shares his parking lot story!
We try to find the perfect leader for the Alberta Party
We talk a little Oil and Gas
Dave hips us to the new Honeycomb, and why its terrible.
We get in to the Hollywood issue.

Stong Opinions, Loosely Held, and Widely Shared. This is the National Talky League.

NTL 044 – OVERTIME with Willem Klumpenhouwer

This week’s OVERTIME edition features Willem Klumpenhouwer, a doctoral candidate at the University of Calgary. Willem’s focus of study is on transportation and urban planning, and he’s a regular at city council meetings. Willem shares his insights on Calgary’s transportation future, and how it might affect you in the years to come.

Willem’s blog can be found at http://www.spuryyc.org/

NTL 043 – Weaponizing content, Arguing for veterans, and trouble in Hollywood

This week things are all topsy-turvey at the NTL.

Dave CLEARS HIS THROAT about how the American political divide seems to be coming home to roost in Alberta, how it’s hard to be in the middle these days, and how similar the far Left and Right really are.

We talk about veterans really want, and the “War on Christmas”.

Roger in WATCHA WATCHIN’ tells us about Kewvin Spacey’s woes, and talks about Netflix’s “The Babysitter”. Dave thinks you should watch Fringe.

NTL 042 – Cultural appropriation at Halloween and the new Future Leader of Alberta

The guys wonder why dressing as your favourite Disney character is politically incorrect whereas dressing as though you live below the poverty line is somehow permissable.

Dave doesn’t like horror movies, but it’s not what you think. Also… what’s your favourite horror movie that nobody seems to know about?

And of course Roger & Dave share their thoughts on the new leader of the United Conservative Party.

NTL 041 – Post Election talk, Shark Jumping, and digit trauma.

This week on the podcast, the guys break down the Calgary election, from a number of angles. We go inside the the negotiations between the embodiment of the city and the Flames. The grappling story of a life saved and the furor that develops. Roger CLEARS HIS THROAT about whether racism was a factor in the election, and in WHATCHAWATCHING We talk Jagmeet Singh’s hair, and when do shows “Jump the Shark”.

The Daveyboy Smith story https://twitter.com/DBSmithjr/status/922280092310499328

(Not the one Dave saw, but still a good example of) Jagmeet Singh wrapping his Dumalla.

Dave’s thumb, 2 versions.