NTL 056 – The INTERnational Talky League

The ever growing reach of the National Talky League extends to Spain, as Roger and Dave podcast from different continents.

This week’s episode features
– Talk of the BC/AB Wine Oil feud
– More fun with Prime Ministers
– Me Too talk
– A special travel check in with Erin.

All this and more. Strong Opinions, Loose Held, Widely Shared, this is the National Talky League.

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NTL 055 – A little politics, a little fast food talk, and we hit the movies.

This week on the National Talky League,

Roger and Dave discuss how thick a politican’s skin should be, what “first come first served” mean, and which fast food places should be “twin stick”-ed. Also some movie talk about musicals and leading men who should have stayed character actors.

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NTL 054 – The Best of Calgary, Canadian Politics sudden gets in the game, BC insurance goes crazy.

This week on the National Talky League Podcast,

Roger and Dave share some info about the Best of Calgary nominations and we handicap some of the categories. Roger gets deep with discussion of the #metoo situation and how it may come in to play in future elections.
Dave can’t fathom the BC insurance losses, and the guys re-enact the meeting of ICBCVP Lee.

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NTL 053 – Kiss the Ring, School Parking Problems, and Controversy Abounds

In this episode of the National Talky League, Roger and Dave discuss

– The Feds’ new take on the Summer Grants program
– Controversial Opinions from the Beleaguered Talkies
– School drop-off parking and some ideas how to fix it
– Broad City and My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

If you’re into Strong Opinions, Loosely Held, and Widely Shared, then sit back and listen to the National Talky League.

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NTL 052 – No Nude Swimming Allowed and is a Clean Sidewalk a Human Right

The outrage and concession over the naked swimming event that was cancelled and more.

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NTL 51 – The “Living” Wage, Naked Swimmers, and Dave’s Star Wars Review

The National Talky League is back for the 2018 season and the new year is starting with a bang!

Ontario’s minimum wage hike has both Dave and Roger fired up. Dave wants the online conversation to focus on the truth, not the emotions. Roger wants people to switch their focus to things that would actually make living easier in Canada.

Other Topics: The upcoming naked swimming event in Calgary and Dave’s unenthusiastic review of Star Wars.

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This might be the most misunderstood traffic law in Alberta

Who has the right-of-way at an uncontrolled T intersection?

This isn’t a trick question. This is a basic concept that we all had to learn to get a driver’s licence in Alberta. Still, so many of us either forget or had no idea in the first place. Who has the right-of-way? Is it car A or car B?

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Merry Christmas from the NTL

Merry Christmas to all our friends and supporters of the National Talky League podcast.

We’ve enjoyed bringing you the podcast this year and are looking forward to doing more in 2018.

Cheers for all your Christmas greetings. We’ll see you soon!

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NTL 050 – Politics from the middle out, running the numbers, and Christmas tunes.

This week on the 50th (!!) edition of the National Talky League,

We talk

– we CLEAR OUR THROATS Questioning the rhetoric on both sides of the aisle
– Looking for facts, not emotional arguments
– The National Talky League summit and ensuing Christmas Trees
– Tipping and minimum wage
– in WHATCHA WATCHING? we talk Christmas songs, which do you love hate?

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NTL 049 – Skinny, Saskatoon Strippers, and Santa films.

It’s our pre-pre-Christmas episode, and Roger and Dave have much to discuss, from the inner workings of the podcast to beloved Christmas movies. And ….racism.

In this episode:

– Our first “Homegrown” Ad!
– Some examples of rejected ads!
– The worldwide reach of the National Talky League
– Which podcasts do the guys recommend?
– Skinny the polar bear
– Saskatoon Stripper Fundraiser
– Byelections

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